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Q&A with PaleOmazing Creator Tina Turbin

Hello Ghee Lovers! Recently we had a couple stellar write ups from Tina Turbin, the wonderful powerhouse behind the blogs PaleOmazing and GlutenFreeHelp . Tina is a wonderful leader and inspiration in the diet and nutrition community with her websites which contains recipes, and very well researched information for anyone on their nutrition path. We […]

What Makes a Ghee, “The Best?”

Some may wonder about the types of ghee out there and how to choose the brands with the highest amount of quality. There are a lot of options in the American grocery store of ghee companies that are competing to be “the best.” With anything, “the best,” is often a designation given on a personal […]

Lady Jerseys and Pastoral Sonoma County

The farm we purchase our butter from is situated in the amazing Springhill Valley in Sonoma County. The picturesque valley these ladies live is just one of many in this part of the county. Sonoma County boasts one of the most beautiful and productive milksheds in the state with plenty of natural Red clover, Selina […]

Grass-fed and Pastured: What’s the difference?

To talk about the healthfulness of ghee, there are two major points of focus that need to be addressed: how the animals are raised and the intrinsic properties of the ghee. For ghee to have the most nutrients and highest possibility of vitamins, the cows absolutely need to be PASTURED, and not simply “Grass-Fed.” The […]

Why Ghee?

“Why ghee?” I get this question almost every time I talk about the product, and most times I always want to say, “Because it’s the BEST!” That answer is not the best to describe it’s properties, or to educate people on the benefits of the product. In short, yes, ghee is amazing, but there are […]