Q&A with PaleOmazing Creator Tina Turbin

Hello Ghee Lovers!

Recently we had a couple stellar write ups from Tina Turbin, the wonderful powerhouse behind the blogs PaleOmazing and GlutenFreeHelp . Tina is a wonderful leader and inspiration in the diet and nutrition community with her websites which contains recipes, and very well researched information for anyone on their nutrition path. We are extremely humbled and grateful that she loves our products and wanted to share them with her following. w

Tina was kind enough to talk with me about a few aspects of the ghee, including the cows, the farm, and my own process of making the ghee. I was excited to hear that she had the same passions that I did for the whole process from where the cows were raised to what they eat, and most importantly how the ghee is produced to maintain high nutrient density. The blogs appeared over the last few weeks on her site and were split up into two different posts. The first post is a great starting point for anyone with questions about my products and how they differ from other ghee products. Her second post talks a little more about my path to finding ghee and has a focus on the Browned Butter Ghee which she loves! Please head over to her site and read our lovely conversation about everything ghee!