Why Ghee?

“Why ghee?”

I get this question almost every time I talk about the product, and most times I always want to say, “Because it’s the BEST!” That answer is not the best to describe it’s properties, or to educate people on the benefits of the product. In short, yes, ghee is amazing, but there are a few properties that make it a truly amazing oil to cook with and incorporate in your diet.

Ghee is a form of clarified butter. meaning that butter has undergone a process to breakdown and eliminate it’s unwanted properties. When making ghee, the butter is heated and cooked for a prolonged time in order to breakdown sugars and proteins to a point where there are inactive and can be filtered out of the remaining oil. This cooking process also eliminates the water, resulting in a product that is 100% of the oil or fat that comes from butter.

With the elimination of the sugars, proteins, and moisture the resulting oil is highly shelf stable, burns at a higher temperature, and is safe for anyone with a sensitivity to dairy or milk. This oil can be used by anyone that wants a healthy fat to incorporate into their diet because it lacks the milk and other harmful allergens present in dairy, doesn’t contain any nuts or peanuts, and naturally has no gluten!

If that wasn’t enough, ghee has some other added benefits that make it more appealing to the average user. When cooking at higher temperatures, most oils start to break down and oxidize. This oxidation actually starts to decrease and dwindle the nutrients in an oil. With ghee, the smoking point, or point at which the oil starts to burn and oxidize, is much higher than a normal oil- 485 degrees! For a comparison, anyone who has cooked with butter knows that at a high heat it will start to burn, brown, and become very bitter and unpalatable. The burning point of butter is 250 degrees and that is why doing high heat applications with butter result in dismal results. With the smoking point of ghee at 485 degrees you can actually use this oil at high temperatures without burning the product. You can even DEEP-FRY with ghee! No joke!

In addition to using ghee instead of any oils, one of the best things ghee has going for it is the flavor. This oil literally tastes like caramel and has a slight toasty flavor that adds much depth and richness to any type of cooking. Once you open a jar of Full Circle Ghee you will not want to use anything else as the flavor is incomparable to anything else you might use.